Tax Consulting

Our major aim and competence is the development of efficient tax structures as well as continuous tax optimization to your advantage. Building a common understanding we will develope a strategy for a tax optimized position accompany you during the implementation and improvement of this concept. Our tax consulting approach may support you in order to meet your personal targets and to benefit in the future.

As a matter of course, our services include the complete range of tax compliance issues. The preparation of annual accounts and all kinds of tax returns as well as financial accounting services and payroll accounting cover our full service package. Furthermore, we will accompany you in defending your tax position during appeals against tax assessments, tax audits and litigations.

Overview of our services offered

Ongoing Consulting

  • Support with tax questions in day-to-day business
  • Financial accounting services
  • Preparation of tax accounts
  • Preparation of revenue surplus calculations
  • Preparation of corporate and private tax returns
  • Wages and salary statements
  • Preparation and supervision of company audits

National Tax Consulting

  • Tax planning for companies of various legal nature and individuals
  • Analysis and tax-optimized structuring of planned transactions
  • Design and implementation of tax-optimized company structures
  • Accompany restructuring and reorganizations from a tax perspective
  • Development of tax optimized succession plans
  • Tax optimization of mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax Due Diligence Services

International Tax Consulting

  • Resolution of tax issues relating to foreign activities (permanent establishments or subsidiaries)
  • Creation of Transfer Price Studies (Acceptability studies, Documentation requirements, Analysis of problems with regards to transfer pricing and preparation of transfer pricing documentation suitable for your company)
  • Advice regarding cross-border deployments of employees
  • International tax optimization and planning of cross-border holding structures
  • Analysis and tax-optimized structuring of international delivery and service relationships from a VAT perspective
  • Comprehensive tax support of domestic establishments of foreign companies
  • Tax optimization and planning of Cash flows with regards to foreign Withholding Taxes

Enforcement Advice

  • Assistance with judicial and extrajudicial appeals and litigation
  • Support and advice in matters relating to tax penalties and self reporting of tax issues


Our Assurance Services include – mandatory or voluntary - audits of single or consolidated financial statements according to national and international accounting principles, reviews and preparation of

valuation reports as well as financial due-diligence services supporting your acquisition or disinvestment strategy.

At a glance

Mandatory audits

  • Audits of single financial statements
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements
  • Special Audits (Foundations, Capital Increase Transactions, Legal transformation of companies)

International Accounting

  • Preparation of single and consolidated financial statements under IFRS
  • Advice regarding Implementation of IFRS / US GAAP and Interim-Management
  • Experts Opinion for transactions under IFRS

Voluntary Audits

  • Financial and Commercial Due Diligence Services
  • Audit of Transfer pricing, overhead charges license fees
  • Audit of Risk Management and Reporting Systems
  • Audit of corporate processes and Internal Control Systems
  • Audit of IT-Systems and Controls
  • Certification Services (i.e. Revenue confirmation, Covenants)

Audit related advisory services

  • „Second Opinion“
  • Preparation of Valuation reports
  • Preparation of Profitability analysis
  • Preparation / Audit of Restructuring concepts
  • Preparation of (Group-) Reporting
  • Trustee Services

Legal Advice

Essential elements of comprehensive and presicive econimcally consulting for corporations as well as natural persons will be legal advisiory which will form and result in an integrative and uniform concept. Due to short lines among the partners evaluation and implementation follow our one-stop approach which will not only take tax and economical aspects into account but also provide the necessary legal framework.

In case special or atypical legal subjects will be touchedwecould provide a comprehensive network of legal specialists which we will involve in particular questions upon separate request.

At a glance

Company and Business Law

  • Foundation of companies
  • Design of articles of association
  • Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Liquidations

Insolvency and Employment Law

  • Legal Advice rating to Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Design of Employment Contracts
  • Employee Remuneration and Participation Concepts
  • Legal Proceedings (Employment Law)

Other legal Counsel

  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law

Management Consulting

In fast changing environments, success only comes if change is regarded as an opportunity. We offer our clients extensive assistance in transaction processes – from due diligence (legal, economic, financial and tax analysis of a company) for the purchaser or the vendor, in finding targets and support the conversations with the financiers of the transaction if necessary. Sometimes during these processes a “fairness opinion” or “second opinions” are necessary.

In addition to our transaction advisory services, we make use of the experience we have gained by our audits to develop strategies together with you to speed up and and improve the efficiency of preparation of your financial statements or reports. Reporting tools help you to get the information you need for managing your company. Transparent financial figures will improve your rating and helps you to get a beneficiary funding or to validate your investments.

At a glance

Interim Management and Implementation Support

  • Design and Implementation of Reporting Systems for Managing Directors, Supervisory board members and Shareholders
  • Training of client personnel during system transitions
  • Financial accounting including support with international Reporting

Optimization of corporate processes

  • Streamlining of accounting and reporting processes
  • Support during Post Merger Integration

Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • Preparation of business plans and cash flow forecasts
  • Trustful Partner in discussions with investors, banks or officials